Bicycle touring routes in Piedmont

Piedmont has much to offer for anyone who visits: from the plains to the UNESCO World Heritage hills, from vineyards to medieval villages. A real paradise for bikers as well! In fact, those who love to ride bicycles will find routes of all kinds, suited to their needs and level of training. On this page we present some beautiful cycling routes in Piedmont.

Routes for discovering the Langhe by bike

If you have cycling experience and are looking for routes to take in Piedmont, we recommend the Langhe, an area known worldwide for its gastronomic treasures such as wine, hazelnuts, and truffles. To capture the true soul of this land, there is no better way than cycling through its vineyards, hazel groves and villages.

From Alba to Treiso with the Bar to Bar route.

Length: 16 km
Duration: about 3 h
Difficulty: difficult

The name of the Bar to Bar loop trail comes from two of the stage towns that comprise it-Barolo and Barbaresco, countries famous worldwide for their namesake wines. The circuit, being 124 km long, is definitely challenging and difficult to do in a single day. We present on this page only a part of the route, the one that goes from Alba up to Treiso via Barbaresco. This route can be done by mountain bike or for the less trained, by e-bike.

For full Bar to Bar route directions see here

The paths of Barolo

To learn about other places in the beautiful Langhe by pedaling, there are also several Barolo trails of varying length and difficulty. Contact the tourist offices in the area to learn about all the routes and choose the ones that are right for you.

Between bike rides, why not stop to taste some of the fine wines of this area? The red wines Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Dolcetto are the undisputed stars of this area.

Bike routes in the Roero

Even in the Roero, tourists who love bicycle routes will not be bored. Below we list some routes to discover Roero by mountain bike, also suitable for families and beginners:

  • The Pera Madernassa Trail: A loop trail through orchards, hamlets and villages in the municipality of Vezza. The trail is mostly flat, with few climbs. The Madernassa Pear, a pear variety native to the Roero, is the star of this trail.
  • The Water Trail: Located in Monteu Roero, this trail is characterized by the presence of Valunga Lake, an artificial lake. The area is also known for soil composed of red clay, which gives the soil a distinctive red color.
  • Roero WineTours: These are four scenic routes through countryside, farmsteads and cru areas of Roero and Roero Arneis wines. They are ideal for those who wish to combine sporting activity with wine and local product tasting, stopping at local wineries. Villages covered by these routes include Canale, Vezza d’Alba, Castagnito, Castellinaldo, Guarene, Mont√†, Santo Stefano Roero, Monteu Roero, and Montaldo Roero.

Cycling in the Mandria Park

Length: 36 km
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Difficulty: easy

About an hour’s drive from the Langhe and close to Turin is the majestic Reggia di Venaria with the 3,000-hectare Mandria Park nearby. In addition to the richness of wildlife and nature, the park is embellished with period residences, such as the Villa dei Laghi and the Mandria Castle. In the park’s bicycle touring route, dirt roads alternate with paved roads. The route is flat and therefore particularly suitable for families with children. Even for those without a bicycle, there is no problem: it can be rented inside the park.

To see directions from Venaria station to Mandria Park, visit the page

The Lakes of Avigliana: loop circuit

Length: 12 km
Duration: about 1 h
Difficulty: easy

A half-hour drive from Turin are the Lakes of Avigliana, divided into Small Lake and Big Lake. The route around the lakes consists of protected trails and bike paths, and being flat, it is also particularly suitable for those who are not so trained or for children. The lake offers plenty of fun for young children, who will be thrilled by the sight of aquatic animals and birds such as herons and mallards. It is also possible to swim in the Great Lake in summer and rent pedal boats.

To see directions for the loop trail around the lakes, visit


Piedmont has so much to offer its visitors, not only in terms of food and wine, but also nature and cycling. From rolling hills that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to lakes near the mountains and nature parks: there are cycling routes in Piedmont to suit all tastes, whether for the well-trained or for Sunday sportsmen and children. Come and discover them!