Guarene and Barbaresco

Guarene and Barbaresco

The early settlement of Guarene was located on the Tanaro plain, on the slopes of the hill on which the present village stands. The desire to seek a safer and more defensible place led the community of the time to move its settlement to the foot of the castle that already dominated the hill, on which the present village of Guarene is located.

The territory of Barbaresco has been inhabited since prehistoric times. At that time the beautiful and fertile hills of our municipality were covered with dense forests with a few rare green spaces along the banks of the Tanaro River, and the barbarian populations of the Liguri Stazielli lived there.

These were people, rough and strong, the Ligurians had a sacred forest that they dedicated to a deity named in Celtic “Martiningen” who represented strength. With the arrival of the Romans this area was dedicated to the war god Mars.

Giant oaks, a symbol of strength and endurance, grew there, surrounded by saltwater springs that still exist today.

What to visit in Guarene and Barbaresco

  • Guarene Castle (reservation required)
  • The Tower of Barbaresco
  • The Enoteca of Barbaresco
  • The farms that have an agreement with Hotel Le Botti

In this area you can taste the fabulous Barbaresco wine.